Principle – Purpose – Policy – Promise

Draft Manifesto Consultation

Manifesto [DRAFT V0.1]

It is the principle value of VoteIndependence that the People of Scotland are Sovereign and as such the only people who should decide their own constitutional future.

It is the purpose of VoteIndependence to facilitate the Principle of Self Determination for the People of Scotland via a legally formualted, internationally recognised REFERENDUM.

It is the only policy of VoteIndependence to ensure that the Scottish Parliament has the maximum number of MSPs who support the right of Self Determination for the People of Scotland, any issue other than this is a matter for the People of Scotland.

It is the Promise of VoteIndependence that once the Principle has been established; that the Purpose has been achieved and that the Policy has been enacted: there being no futher need for VoteIndependence it will be dissolved.